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Working with stats: How to not only make an info-graphic but also make it interesting

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In today’s class, my fellow journalism students and I learned about the power of info-graphics and how they can be used to tell a story, show statistics in a visual manner and attract readers who go after images rather than text. The professor then set us loose to make our own creations so here it goes!

Pie Chart Info-graphicchart

Above is a pie chart, created using Google ChartEditor. It depicts the percentage of minority students at Central Michigan University, based on the incoming freshman class of 2010. I found the data on CMU’s official website, from the Office of Diversity, and thought a chart would be the best way to illustrate the amount of diversity on campus. I would use Google ChartEditor in the newsroom in order to help readers understand basic data sets since it was relatively easy to figure out and appeals to readers who learn through visuals.

Getting to know a location with Google Maps

I then created a map of downtown Midland for new visitors, with pins to indicate favorite spots and businesses in the area. Google Maps was pretty simple to use but would not allow the map to be embedded as an image. Hence, it is now included as a hyperlink and you can get to it by clicking here.

More than likely, I will use this tool again as a journalist. Many readers are familiar with Google and the company is well-known and has a professional reputation. I would create maps with this to illustrate how numerous locations are connected or close to each other. Overall,  I think info-graphics are a great way to illustrate information if used with the right kind of data. Thanks for reading!


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